Industrial assembly

We are your experts! In the case of industrial assemblies, we assume overall responsibility, from the planning of the project to commissioning. Together with our customers, we develop tailor-made solutions that comply with your design and quality requirements. We support our customers with professional specialists in every project detail, so you are in good hands with us, right from the start.

Industrial facilities

With mechanical assemblies through LIEMONT, your idea becomes the finished product. From the individual part to the finished mechanical assemblies, we build complete machines and systems according to your wishes and specifications, with assembly and functional testing. We provide you with staff with many years of experience and extensive knowledge – we are equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructures in all areas to ensure the best possible quality. From mechanical assembly to electrical installation, we look after you competently at every stage of the project.


Take advantage of our fast, global and secure industrial services. In the automotive industry, we ensure the highest installation quality for complex conveyor routes and machines. We take over the assembly of construction worldwide as well as all electrical installations of new and used machines and systems.


As a crucial link between machinery and equipment, we offer an extensive range of services in this area of expertise. In all areas of the project, our employees have a lot of experience and personal responsibility – everything in the sense of an optimal process. We are also happy to take over minor projects and repair processes and are available for the entire implementation process.